VocAlliance is a group that springs from the need to effect positive change in an industry whose practices have been subverting both voice talents and studios for far too long.

Now, more than ever, undercutting and devaluation is felt everywhere.

Our community aims to mitigate this by helping standardize rates. We also realize that setting standards does not limit itself to just rates. It is high time that those regarded as the leaders, trailblazers, and the most respected voice talents in the industry do something about it.

From just fending for themselves and acting like lone wolves, more are starting to see the benefits of banding together, sharing a vision and achieving it as a pack.

We realize we have to earn credibility.

Change must come from within and professionalism must be the norm.

We plan to improve and grow both individually and as a community everyday.

The group was created so that its members could help each other. Currently in the stage of developing workshops, we aim to aid our community in learning how to market themselves better, be more professional, and ultimately become more successful.

We acknowledge the importance of aligning ourselves with organizations like the ASAP (Advertising Services Association of the Philippines), CAPG (Commercial Audio Production Houses Group) and others who share our vision of growth.

We know we have the capability to help elevate the quality of voice-overs in our country. Our vision is to bring more work to everyone, to empower each member with the necessary skill sets and resources to be competitive not only in the Philippines but globally.

Our end goal is to be able to provide clients and studios a network of highly qualified voice talents in an ecosystem that is not only intuitive, creative and innovative, but sustainable.

The industry needs us.

We need each other.

The landscape is evolving and we all need to be at the forefront of that change together.