Today's featured VOCALLIANCE member is Frank Aldana.

Frank has been providing voice-overs for numerous TV and radio commercials, audio-visual corporate presentations, and audiobooks since he first broke into the industry in 1990.

Frank Aldana

He has also done ADR/dubbing for anime shows and local short animated features as well as voice-overs for live events and functions.

Frank counts mimicking distinctive voices as one of his skills; he has mimicked local and international celebrities for several ad campaigns.

He can replicate a variety of international accents and can do voice-overs in different languages and Filipino dialects under the guidance of a dialect coach.

When not doing voice-overs, Frank works as a video editor for corporate presentations; he has also edited documentaries, animated films, live action films, web videos, tutorials, and the like.

Contact Frank

For voiceover projects, you may contact Frank through VOCALLIANCE.

Other ways to connect with Frank:

Official website

Frank Aldana | A proud member of VOCALLIANCE, the Philippines' premier professional voice talent association |

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